Punch Trophy Getters® Boxing Shoes Boots

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They’re ideal for men, ladies and youth in boxing fights or training.
They come in a wide variety of different sizes.
These Boxing Boots offer superb stability in the ring or in an indoor training area.
Designed with excellent sole durability in mind, Punch Boxing Boots will last years of training.
Boxing Boots are the optimal footwear for boxing as they provide excellent stability and durability compared to other training shoes.

When choosing Boxing Shoes online, sizing is a critical decision.
Our boots are sized in US only,
We recommend using your current training shoes as a guide when purchasing the US sizing online.


  • Comfortable & Supportive Footwear
  • Great Sole durability.
  • Designed for Boxing, Sparring, Padwork & Bagwork Training.
  • Wide range of sizes: US 5 to 14.
  • Mens US sizing only.
  • Colour: Black with White Linings.

Please Note:

When using Boxing Boots, ensure you only use them inside a soft flooring training area or boxing ring.
These boots are designed for boxing training only and should be not be used outdoors or for any other activity.