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Gym Custom Shirts

FTF Custom Shirts gives you an online presence and an avenue for your members and friends to get your merchandise.  This was created to help take away a lot of that printing cost and stock keeping headache. All you need to do is concentrate raising more champions. 

In this package, you get:

Online Gym Profile

These SEO optimised gym profiles allows people looking for somewhere to train to find you on the internet and have all information they need to know where and when to find you. 

Campaign Marketing

1) Advertisement blocks and banners designed for your gym

2) Your brand will be broadcast over 3 social media platforms in paid advertisement (inclusive in package)

Optional 3) Interviews and short videos to let them really know why they should come for your free trial

Make money from Customised T-shirt

Customised t-shirts designed and printed on demand promoting you and co-branding with For The Fighter and all your sponsors. Your members will be able to purchase these shirts off the FTF Online store and you make profit from every lot of shirts sold.

Discounts Get exclusive wholesale discounts to items sold through FTF Online
Links Provide links to your website or your landing page on FTF


Want more members? Keep promoting. This is a cost effective and good way to do it.