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FTF Fighter Packages have been design to quickly raise the social profile of a fighter. Giving you an online presence and an avenue for your supporters to get merchandise. The fighter packages helps take away a lot of that 'selling yourself' part of the fight game that you need to do and lets you concentrate more on training and fighting. 

In the fighter package, you get:

Online Fighter Profile

These SEO optimised fighter profiles allow promoters, sponsors, event coordinators and talent scouts to find you on the internet and match you with upcoming events

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Campaign Marketing

1) Advertisement blocks and banners designed for your brand

2) Your brand will be broadcast over 3 social media platforms in paid advertisement (inclusive in package)

Optional 3) Interviews and short videos to show off your talents and let the scouts know they found what they're looking for!

Make money from Customised T-shirt

Customised t-shirts designed and printed on demand promoting you and co-branding with For The Fighter and all your sponsors. Your supporters will be able to purchase these shirts off the FTF Online stall and you make profit from every t-shirt sold.

 Click here to see an example

Discounts Get exclusive discounts to items sold through FTF Online
Seminars and Workshops Get invitations to seminars and workshops for free held by Australia's top coaches and industry experts in their fields. In 2019, there will be Muay Thai seminars, Health and nutrition workshops, mindset training and many more to be announced.


Don't wait for 2 weeks out from your fight to start promoting yourself! Do it now!!