Boxing Liniment

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Step into any traditional Muay Thai camp or stadium and you will be instantly hit with the exotic scent of Thai oil permeating the air. It is an invigorating fragrance for those practising the sport but probably not a pleasant aromatic experience for outsiders. Although now used by various combat and competitive sports, the smell has become synonymous with Thai boxing. 

Thai Boxing Liniment Oil, or Namman Muay, is most famously endorsed by global fighting icon and national celebrity, Buakaw Banchamek. Buakaw’s image can also be seen on a special edition of the Namman Muay (same formula) available in select stores.

Today, Namman Muay is used by fighters, gym enthusiasts, athletes, cyclists, runners and anyone who has experienced the benefits of the musky miracle water. Here’s everything you need to know about the famous Thai Boxing Liniment Oil: