About Us

The ‘For The Fighter’ (aka FTF) brand was founded by Chris Johnstone a Muay Thai veteran that has been in the fight game for 30 years. Starting out in boxing and karate as a child in the 80s. Chris Johnstone went on to Muay Thai in the late 90’s having 38 fights with 32 wins and 21 KOs. Achieving multiple Australian titles, South pacific titles and a World title. Over the last 15 years, Chris Johnstone has trained multiple champions in Muay Thai, boxing and MMA.

Chris Johnstone owns and coaches out of Muay Thai Mulisha. As of November 2018, the Muay Thai Mulisha gym has 56 wins from 56 fights. This incredible record is only made possible by an extraordinary amount of hard work, dedicated fighters and using equipment that can push back against the punishment of extreme levels.

For The Fighter range of training equipment has been the choice of combat training gyms around the world since establishment in 2010. The purpose was to bring together affordability and high quality equipment made by fighters for the fighter. As fighters, the equipment is designed with details to give the inches of competitive edge in the ring, on the mats and in the cage.

In 2018, Chris Johnstone collaborated with Dexter to finally bring For The Fighter brand of equipment online and make it available and easily accessible nationally and internationally. Dexter trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… when he can… he is also a nerd….

Name: Chris Johnstone

Favourite move: Low kick

Favourite combo: Left jab, right cross, left low kick

Always saying: “Never give up!!!”

Favourite movie: Step Brothers


Name: Dexter Chew

Favourite move: Spinning armbar

Favourite combo: far side, straight armbar/kimura/spinning armbar from side control

Always saying: “why is training always during dinner time??”

Favourite movie: Attack on Titan